That is no mystery.

White people lie about race. They aren’t stupid, just bigoted, and bored of being called racist (just like now they are “bored” of Corona virus so they show up with guns at the MI state house and don’t wear masks in CostCo or at Old Faithful) and they knew that admitting to favoring Trump would be viewed as racist and sexist, so they just lied. They did it on dating sites (look at OK Cupid’s blog on racial preferences in dating: first they said they preferred dating in their own race, then when that data was published and WyPeeple realised how racist they appeared, in the next poll they claimed “of course” they would date outside their own race, which data was also published, but then OKC went one step further and analysed what people were actually doing and surprise, white people were mostly dating exclusively white people.)

I stop to miau to cats.

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