The ancient Greeks like Socrates and Aristotle are studied, commemorated, celebrated and even venerated across the world (1), because their thinking is supposed to represent fairly universal humanist values. The Secessionists of the American South, while they and their “works” are known, are not studied nor commemorated nor celebrated and certainly not venerated anywhere outside the US. This is evidence of the utterly parochial nature of their “leadership” and that they are not considered “leaders and scholars” by anyone outside their small narrow desperate followers. They were not recognized as “leaders (or) scholars” by apartheid White South Africans, and are not recognized as such by Zionist Israelis, Hinduist Indians nor by any other supremacists, White or non-White. The true and only “American exceptionalism” (2) is modern racial slavery.

(1) I’m not saying there is no asymmetry: Indian, Chinese, Native American, Australian Aboriginal and other civilizations’ thinkers aren’t sufficiently studied, commemorated, celebrated and venerated in the “Western” or White world, and they should be.

(2) I guess the other minor and mirror of “American Exceptionalism” lies in the US’ utter refusal to celebrate anyone or anything international — not in postage stamps, commemorative coins, statues, memorials, holidays …nothing, with the possible exception of Oakland’s Champions of Humanity Monument. Americans don’t even celebrate Tim Berners-Lee — because that would be admitting that the web was invented by a non-American.

I stop to miau to cats.

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