The Capitol coup was an intelligence success!

I listened to this (Jan 11th 2020) morning’s “Forum” on KQED. Not the useless Michael Krasny’s part (he’s set to retire on Feb 12th, good riddance. He has shown his colors as an enabler or apologist at best of racist cops with his bleating softball question about “cops and the communities they serve” in the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson MO in 2014) but the part hosted by the much more incisive Mina Kim.

There was a lot of talk about the “intelligence failure” at the Capitol overthrow/kidnapping/assassination attempt on Wednesday jan 6th.

This brought up a lot of questions for me:

Why are most White correspondents not recognizing that this was not an intelligence or law enforcement “failure” but a success?

Law enfarcement had the information (various ordinary people knew this was going to happen and prepared for it locally) and at the very least, choose not to act on it.

Why didn’t the FBI infiltrate the white supremacists that they’ve identified as “the greatest threat to domestic security” at least as far back as September 2020? If the report was made public then, they’ve known about this for much longer. They could have infiltrated, made mass arrests, set one group of kooks against another, dismantled it completely. Did they have difficulty disguising themselves as White? It would have been so much easier than infiltrating the Black Panther Party or MLK Jr.s organization? Why are they now relying on anti-social media and citizen volunteers to turn the attackers in?

Why isn’t their more talk about the infiltration (with open arms) of law enforcement by white supremacists? Why aren’t more wypipol demanding the purging of white supremacists from the ranks of law enforcement?

What does it mean that the Capitol police were overwhelmed? Why, “when the looting started, did the shooting not start”? Why did they not give orders to disperse, shoot over their heads …kill some of the white supremacists in the front line? That would have sent the rest back in a stampede for their lives. The wie pipol storming the Capitol were armed? Who let them roam around on DC streets armed and even get that close?

Why is there talk pretending that most of the terrorists were “just” regular old white racists (like piano scarf lady from Knoxville TN, whose male escort was lying when he said that cops maced her, there is pitiful evidence that cops used any of the multiple weapons at their disposal and plenty of social media posts of the terrorists macing cops) going for a party at the mall and exercising “their First Amendment rights” (missed by one ordinal!) and that there were only a few bad apples, really bad white supremacists etc. walking around armed with visible weaponry? The cops have no problem throwing every person attending a BLM protest into detention — thrown to the ground, tasered, handcuffed with zip-ties, kneed into submission, searched, processed so you know who they are and where to find them should you choose to charge them? No tear gas, no military surplus gas (hexachloroethane + zinc), no water cannons, no dogs, no “humanitarian” rubber bullets, no tasers, nothing. The effing cops got bullrushed and ran away in panic! Well, some stopped to take selfies, give succor to the “victims” and kiss their boo-boos.

Cops allowed white supremacists to take their shields and break in windows. It is a wonder they weren’t disarmed! Can you imagine a BIPoC hitting a cop’s helmet or touching their shield and living to tell of it?

They don’t even have a count of how many people were involved! There is no inside footage from Capitol cameras? Why is this important? Because it will now give cover to Wie conspiracy nutters for centuries to claim that there were only 61 people there (the ~5 dozen arrested so far — essentially for jay-walking — and of course piano scarf lady who is probably busy making muffins).

Why isn’t the FBI/DHS issuing sub-peonas to ISPs and carriers for all the mobile and social media data from a fairly tight spacetime volume?

Why have top cops been allowed to resign (with your tax dollars paying their full pension), instead of all of them being forced to explain their actions, explain lost gear, explain why they were unable to control people, let down barricades, abandon their posts? Why aren’t they being charged wholesale with dereliction of duty or being court-martialed (or whatever equivalent there is for cops)?

I stop to miau to cats.

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