The main gist of your story here is to tell us, “I’m a nice, moderate Christian.” I’d like to challenge that, in the hope that you will throw away this disgusting religion. There are more than a handful of violent Christians, and though they do represent what they believe Christianity is, they are still not the most dangerous. YOU are!

Over 50 times in 2000 years ‘nice’ Christians like you have been welcomed into foreign countries. And simply by increasing their numbers they became a majority and took over ALL of those countries. And, that’s not even the worst part.

Plenty of black rights and NDN rights activists are currently in a US prison and being beaten for the heinous crime of expressing their opinion. Not to mention the blacks and other minorities imprisoned in US jails and murdered on the streets by cops. I don’t know how many ‘nice’ Christians like you in this country — my understanding is that most of the nice christians have stopped identifying as such and have repudiated those like yourself. Did you riot? Did you protest? No. You did the most horrific thing imaginable.
You did NOTHING.

The one thing severely lacking in the minds of ‘nice’ Christians like you is the understanding that if you let bad things happen to others, then it makes it okay for bad things to happen to you.

In the U.S. if an injustice is done (Hell, even if a politician just breathes wrong) we are all over that shit, screaming, fighting, protesting… hah hah, NOT!

As it stands right now, I’m assuming you wrote this article in the U.S. The only reason why you feel safe enough to publish it is because the atheism and secularity espoused by the founders and framers of the constitution still hold out against the rabid Christian hordes.

I am not afraid of Christian terrorists, what I am terrified of is Christians. Period. What history has proven AT LEAST FIFTY TIMES is that if you people keep coming into this country, you WILL one day decimate the NDNs and take it over and make a hell hole out of it.

To make the Christian goal of world domination even more absurd is the fact that it is based on the belief that … err, this list gets too long ... virgin birth? It didn’t happen! It’s not possible! It’s ridiculous!

So, please, throw away this stupid religion. I would love it if you became atheist, rationalist, secular, humanist, agnostic, Wiccan, satanist (which is sort of Christian), animist, Tibetan Buddhist or reform Jew, I don’t even care if you become Muslim, Orthodox Jew, Sikh, other Buddhist, Mormon, Hindu, or believe in leprechauns, fairies or whatever. Christianity MUST end.

I stop to miau to cats.

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