The quotes from the article desperately denying that squirting is peeing remind me of the right wing circumlocutions, lies and intentionally misleading ravings about evolution and climate change, and their general anti science tone. In the idiot sphere, that article will get a lot of likes, and truth, even if it is NBD and insightful “oh, squirt is pee, that explains it!”, suffers.

Men seem to like women who squirt because they can then attribute it to themselves, but really it has almost nothing to do with them and almost everything to do with the physiology of the woman. The issue of the bladder filling up aside, if the woman is on top I suspect the pressure on the man’s bladder increases his desire to pee immediately afterwards, sure happens to me. But it is not a scientific study 😉

In my experience, women, and even the same woman at different times, have a range of types of orgasms, if one can even taxonomists what is a multidimensional continuous distribution. Only now do I realise what was going on with one female partner from way back, before the term squirter had come into existence, huge amounts of fluid, mostly odorless when at a remove from her body, never when she was on top and uncorrelated to the external intensity of her orgasms. Another was non orgasmic, after a multi day bike ride in her past, but certainly not dry during sex. And finally, on the issue of correlating perceived intensity with squirting pee, one partner who was an EMO tended to be on the dry side during and after sex and before sex, and I do realise I had very little to do with the EMO part other than providing an environment where she felt happy, cared for and safe enough to let go emotionally, sexually and physically.

I stop to miau to cats.

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