The use of the word "trained" is another giveaway that this is simply thoughtless (or thoughtfully designed to engender scare in the cotton fluff minds of readers) hate-mongering.

What is the difference between the use of "a trained Marxist" vs. "a Marxist" by the originators of that idiotic accusation? Conspiracy notions: The implication in the former term is that there is some mysterious organization that goes around recruiting and training people to become Marxists, with some "nefarious" aims (like bringing down Vulture Capitalism and assuring accessibility of voting and abolishing the private prison system, eliminating justice which is criminal and racist, ensuring healthcare, housing, living wages, education ...), that the sheer racist murderousness of cops in this country cannot be sufficient motivation for ordinary people to be out in the streets nor that people can educate themselves by simply reading a book.

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