This entire article is rather run of the mill South Asian Anti Black racist. (Now watch for the metastasized white fragility to show up in a brown person!)

As @GFC and others have pointed out, this church going (!) convert, professional, married to a white guy, white passing second class citizen who "keeps her yard clean" is not even aware that while she is allowed the privilege of conforming by her white neighbours, Blacks who've lived there for generations are still denied even the choice to conform, let alone full acceptance of their humanity.

But hey, enjoy Christian yoga class! And please play holi with white powder.

Polite? Conforming? Watch Dogville by Lars von Triers for the misogynistic equivalent.

And neither Kavanaugh nor Trump assaulted you, so you have another side to offer on that as well?

#YesAllIndians I feel shame when I am allowed to pass as white and when I read the above kinds of racist twaddle.

I stop to miau to cats.

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