This focus on the “victimhood” of people who’ve directly contributed to the actual victimization of large sections of humanity is the same toxic white woman-ness that keeps the MSM’s “women’s issues” white women “journalists” desperately trying to generate sympathy for Melancholia Trump and seeking “good” in Ivanka Satan Spawn Trump.

None of these so called victims of Fox have shown any extension of their sympathy to anyone not like themselves, not have they expressed any atonement for their victimization of others. Co-opted by fat salaries and NDAs? Nobody is saying they deserved what was done to them, but they could spare us the demands for attention and sympathy.

The Fox employees or the actors who portray them could show up for a BLM action, make a film demanding the defunding of the police, or, quite simply, say her name, “Breonna Taylor”.

I stop to miau to cats.

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