“Thousands” — off by two orders of magnitude.

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Estimates in the Chicago Tribune are that “thousands” participated in Chicago alone. That number is off by a couple of by a factor of 100 at least. The march I attended in Santa Clara, CA had about a thousand people, and it was only one of many marches and protests just in San Jose. Assuming there were at least a few 100 such marches, with about a 1000 each on average, it would be much more accurate to say “close to a million celebrate with antiracism marches”. But the MSM, and apparently even The Guardian, chooses to downplay anti-government civil disobedience movements, going at least as far back as the Occupy movement.

More than a thousand people are murdered by uniformed thugs in the US each year in extra-judicial incidents. About a third of the victims are Black, so let’s say about 400 a year. Assume only 2–3 of their family members show up to march on Juneteenth. That is already a thousand people in anti-racism marches.

Here is another MSM mealy-mouthed statement (or perhaps it just reflects innumeracy) with the quantifier “many”.

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Many? “Some” means more than one, so single digits. “Many” can be reasonably construed to be between 10–100 as an absolute count. As a percentage, “many” brings up 10–50%. Anything greater than 50% would require “most”, “a small majority” or “a large majority”, up to about 90%, at which point one would say “an overwhelming majority”.

As far as the civil disobedience movements against police violence motivated by the extra-judicial killings of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd by cops, of the thousand or so people I must have encountered in one march in Oakland, not one was without a mask. So even I missed a few, the truth is closer to “with countable exceptions, all protestors wore masks, …”.

I stop to miau to cats.

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