Three comments:

  1. I was reminded of the intense discomfort and rabid reaction of a male dinner party acquaintance -back in the mid-90s- to the suggestion that everybody has breasts. He insisted that he had “muscle, pectorals” not breasts and seemed quite surprised when all the women and some older as well as younger men pointed out that that wasn’t a differentiator, women had “muscles, pectorals”, possibly bigger ones in general. He didn’t even want to budge when it was offered to him that what men didn’t possess were mammary glands!
  2. Yeah, that! Men’s loss. Why aren’t men’s breasts sexual? We know they can be sensitive and further sensitized by stimulation. I guess they are sexual but not sexualized.
  3. There was an old MAD magazine cartoon in which a couple of adolescent boys speculate that women’s breasts are eroticized because of being hidden/forbidden in public. In the next panel one of them is depicted as getting very turned on by the sight of a woman’s elbow with a bandaid on it. (Not that there is anything inherently wrong with considering elbows to be sexy!)

I stop to miau to cats.

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