1. Travel expenses, or simply the ability to travel there.

This is why Michelle Obama’s free national parks day was stupid, yeh the entrance fee is 0 for that day, but how in the world is someone without a car supposed to even get there? She didnt run free bus services from black neighborhoods in Urban areas to the quite far away parks.

2. Who stays one day in a national park it takes 4 hours to travel to?

3. Opportunity cost of not working or looking after younger or older family. Oh right, having lived this hardship, Michelle Obama arranged for alternate care and provided chaperones so Black kids could be introduced to the outdoors!

Which is why the NPS did not have data about the increase in visitors due to this policy, not even total, let asking by demographic breakdown. So the organic vegetable garden in the White House remains Michelle Obama’s greatest accomplishment as First Lady. No wonder she is suffering depression now.

I stop to miau to cats.

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