“we who believe that have a duty to convince those who don’t”

That never works. Before you (or I) waste time trying to “convince blah blah of the rightness of our standpoint blah blah”, we have to find out whether they are convince-able. Get it from them, preferably in writing, what it would take for them to change their viewpoint. Then you know what your goal posts are, and if they move them, well we learned something demonstrable about them. The reason you can’t convince most people of anything has nothing to do with the rightness of your data, analysis or logic and has everything to do with the fact that they are unconvince-able to begin with .

In the context of religion or “god” or other mysterious deities and elves and fairies, they have faith, not just belief. For example, until late last year I believed in gravitational radiation even though there had been no direct evidence, but I didn’t have faith (unshakeable belief) because I would have been willing to give it up if there was another experimentally verifiable and theoretically consistent mechanism for carrying away gravitational energy.

Now, just as an exercise, before we start trying to convince the “others” of our viewpoint, let’s write down what it would take for us to accept that we (or our belief or viewpoint) were wrong.

Returning to the example of religion, there is really nothing you can show me, or that can happen, that would require me to allow for the relevance of the existence of some mystical non-physical supreme being (leave alone becoming convinced of the existence itself of such a thing).

I stop to miau to cats.

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