Whaaat? What happened to the Great White Hope, Obama and his moderate appointee for SCROTUS? Oh he got snookered by the Republican majority. Which of course Clinton wouldn’t have faced because, err, I don’t know, Fairy godparent, magic, Faberge eggs … What sheer idiocy, VPR!

The utterly sad thing about the Clintont@s is their refusal to discuss the crushing and utter defeat across the nation — 1000 seats lost! Or the low low low turnout, not because Bernie Democrats hated HRC or anything, but because progressives were mehh about her.

And to say “Clinton, because otherwise Trump” and to pretend that you were the only ones to realise “The horror of TRump” is to ignore the fact that Sanders was the only one who could have defeated TRump and that we and you knew it. But you blew it.

It is not that “you” or HRC lost. Stop bleating about how bad it is for you. We all lost because you (the DNC and its employees and consultants like Sasha Stone and their ilk) failed (through incompetence or corruption) at the job we paid you billions to do. You failed, we all lost.

And, you haven’t learned anything.

I stop to miau to cats.

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