What a great, thought-provoking change to the racist “all lives matter” response!

Is this anti humanist idea, that only “innocent” lives are worth saving, peculiar to Abrahamic religions or is it more specific to Christianity?

Add to that the inequity (what a weak word when we are talking about people’s lives) of a biased judge of “innocence”, white supremacist culture, and you get this toxic American exceptionalism.

The flip side of this coin is also used to drum up rage and to justify any degree of retributive violence and show us the moral equivalency of police and other terrorists. When Americans, mostly white, die in a non military mass attack by enemies, they are magically all “innocent victims”. This is the only time that the aegis of “innocence” is extended to Black people, and it is to ensure that nobody questions the innocence of the white male Wall streeter also killed by happenstance in the incident.

“Perhaps we shouldn’t bomb Afghanistan or Iraq. Or maybe only bomb them 3/7ths of the way back to the Stone Age. Because, of the 3,500 people killed on Sept 11 2001, 2000 people either worked for the Pentagon or were Wall Street derivatives traders, they had it coming, 'brutal men who met a predictably brutal end’.”

I stop to miau to cats.

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