What a narcissist! In 2008 there was no coat-tail effect because Obama didn't campaign down-ballot. He still won, and with a huge political mandate, which he refused to use to get the vote out in 2010. Plus, look at who he appointed and the bailout for Wall Street. Then he has the gall to whine about "folks not showing up".

Plus, it was Obama's DHS that militarized the civilian "law-enforcement" approach to Occupy Wall Street, addressing none of the issues, calling them domestic terrorists and inflicting violence on them.

Did the number of extra-judicial killings (of Black people) by armed uniformed state-sponsored thugs reduce during 2009-2016, did more cops get prosecuted in those years? No.

Has Obama shown up for a BLM rally? No.

No wonder Michelle is fighting mild depression, doesn't she have an organic vegetable garden to tend to?

I stop to miau to cats.

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