What concerns me a lot and is a sign of the schism is that there seem to be NO WYPIPOL reading Black writers! There are all sorts of mostly useless wypipol writing mostly useless wypipol stuff (meaning avoid talking about racism) who have 100s of followers and 1000s of claps.

So it isn't just the "liberal" bubble vs the "right-wing" bubble. Wypipol voluntarily live in a white bubble as well.

And they'll do some bothsidesism: "Well I'm sure Black people live in their own bubble." which is just too plain stupid to even answer. It is similar to when they are surprised that I as a non-American know about the US (let alone that I often know more than they do) but they "don't hear much about India". There is a reason for it.

Is there a way of forcing wypipol to read one article by a Black writer once a week? And I don't mean by Ali Alexander.

I stop to miau to cats.

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