What we really need are publicly (sliding scale) funded creches, as opposed to these well-meaning but mis-guided individual, unscalable “thousand points of light” solutions (PIWI, LeanIn), which ultimately, defuse the political will to find global solutions. American civic discourse, if any, is all about “me” (with the exception of the “not me, us” discourse of Sanders/Indivisible/Democratic Socialists of America), so the well-off who can afford maternity time off, infant care, abortion, pregnancy prevention, sick or elder care, driving their kids to violin/soccer etc. do so for themselves, in the process losing empathy for those who can’t. Those less well-off, who can’t afford to take this time off but have to do so anyway, are working extra hours already and are generally discouraged and disconnected from this country’s politics.

I stop to miau to cats.

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