White anti-maskers are probably delighted that infection rates and mortality rates are higher for Black and LatinX people, while somehow thinking they are immune. It might also be true that they haven't actually seen much of it yet in their "communities" and don't much care about elder White folks dying in nursing homes. Plus, they've never cared about communitarian approaches (anti-vaxxers are a prime example) or that they should make some small sacrifice for the public good, that is just unAmerican. As the opioid "crisis" shows though, if it were primarily affecting White people there would have been an outpouring of support and demands for "reparations".

When I first came to the US in the mid-80s (from India, where mandatory seat-belts were still decades away) I was flabbergasted by college-educated White people refusing to wear seat belts as an infringement on their "freedom" and because of the utterly third-order possibility that "seat belts kill because they might prevent me from getting out of a car in a body of water".

I stop to miau to cats.

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