White People Stop Reading at “White People…”

All you say rings true, from the “help you by adding some white perspective” which is basically a way to stop listening, to the #NotAllWhitePeople which is also a way to stop listening, to the non-newness of what you are saying (since it is known and has been said by African Americans and Native Americans for ages. I won’t include all POC here since while we face some discrimination, harassment, stereotyping etc. Asians and Indians are hardly an oppressed people in the US, and this renders us quite clueless about racial oppression in the US) and the tiredness of having to repeat it endlessly to the same people over and over again.

The latest idiocy is having to explain

  • the two or three elements of racism (not bigotry) in their pride in “Women’s March was peaceful”
  • the “liberal” argument against the immigrant ban on the grounds that “America is a nation of immigrants”
  • the pretense that Islam in America started only after 2001 and
  • the racism, not just observational incorrectness, in the FB selfie posters or white bloggers excitedly posting that OMG the Oakland March was soo diverse, there are people of all races here, while my reaction had been “wow this is very racially homogeneous”.

So the basic problem, the reason we need to keep repeating ourselves, is that white people stop listening and they stop reading at “white people”. Their brains freeze their eyes atrophy their ears fall off.

I stop to miau to cats.

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