Whitmer on Biden and Toxic White Womanism

“not every claim is equal”? What do you mean, Gretchen?

Here is an article on toxic white feminism. I’ll just call it “Toxic White Womanism”: if it is toxic or it is white it is about as feminist as LeanInism or what’s-her-name-collateral-damage-Kissinger’s-twin-sister.

Until I read this headline, I thought that TWWism was about protecting “white womanhood” and hence attacking or ignoring Black women and men. When I read recently about Tara Reade’s allegations and the big ignore from the MSM, Democrats, MeToo, etc. I first assumed that she was Black. She is not, apparently. The acts by white women dismissing her (e.g. as a Russian spy), dismissing her claims (“Biden didn’t do that to me, so her story must be false.”) or plain old ignoring her puzzled me, until I realised that TWW isn’t about protecting white women at all! The underlying driver common to Toxic White Womaning is protecting !

Gretchen Whitmer’s TWWing (and that of countless others) is about protecting Biden over and above protecting Tara Reade.

The attacks on Monica Lewinsky were about protecting Bill Clinton. So too the attacks on his other accusers.

Carolyn Bryant’s false testimony in court over the brutal murder of Emmett Till, a 14 year old Black boy, was about protecting her murderer husband Roy Bryant and her murderer brother-in-law J W Milam.

The statements and actions of the crackhead White House spokeswomen have all been about protecting Trump, even though almost all of his victims were white women.

The white #MeToo movement? The fact that it took over 80 mostly white women to accuse Weinstein before action was taken against him is also evidence that white woman sistering wasn’t enough to overcome the fundamental reaction of protecting white men.

All those accusations by white women that led to lynchings and that continue to lead to horrific punitive action against Black men? They weren’t about protecting “white womanhood” as much as about protecting white men and their property.

I am not saying it is 100% the explanatory cause or any such thing, just that it is an interesting way to think about TWWing. Ignoring Tarana Burke’s “Me Too!” movement was probably not so much about protecting white men as it was simply about ignoring Black women? Barbeque Becky and Permit Patty come to mind as cases where it was pure and simple White Woman outrage and not an effort to protect a white man.

To me this explains why there is so much emphasis on the behaviors of Toxic White Women — they front for and enable the toxic system of white maleness.

I stop to miau to cats.

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