"Why are Asian-Americans falling for the newest Yale affirmative action scandal?"

Hmm, because we have our own cultural ways of not just differentiating between people but putting them in a hierarchy and then discriminating as individuals and as part of system based on the hierarchy, for South Asians, on the basis of caste. So it is easy for us to adopt the mainstream culture's anti-Black Indigenous LatinX racism as individuals and to manouevre in the racist system "blindly". Because we are totally ignorant of the history of slavery in this country, that the country is founded on and some, mostly whites, are wealthy because of systemic oppression of BIL peoples, because we think that indentured Indian and Chinese labor on the TPRR and 5 years of Japanese internment (which are horrific in themselves) somehow compare to 400 years of enslavement and continuing systemic discrimination, because we are ignorant of the events that led to the American War of Secession, then Jim Crow and continuing criminalization, disenfranchisement, policing, jailing and state-sponsored killing of BIL peoples.

Because "we work hard", "god loves all people", "all lives matter", "cops have been very helpful to me", "in our culture we don't do that" ...

I stop to miau to cats.

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