Why do Southern Wypipol weep and bleat so much?

It is not like they lost the Civil War.

What “cause” was lost? States’ rights? That is just cover for racist BS. If they didn’t like Federal authority and strongly felt that States’ rights are more important, then just extrapolating leads to County rights, community rights and taken to its logical conclusion, individual rights. This last is incompatible with slavery, which is what they really fought for.

So, I would love for someone to address the following, or at least give pointers to where this has been answered.

As I understand it, the Confederacy was fighting to preserve slavery and the Union was fighting to preserve, well, the Union. They both won, but the Confederacy won bigger. The Union got what it wanted, preventing the break-up of the nation. And the Confederacy got what it wanted — a morphing of slavery into segregation, and with systems to maintain white supremacy kept intact, and because of the “Union” they got more, the spread of their vile ideas to the rest of the nation. All they “lost” was their silly flag and their national anthem.

Why are Southern Wypipol still throwing tantrums?

The analogy: In a blended family, parent 1 abuses some of their kids, the ones who are not parent 1’s biological children. The very least part of the abuse is that Parent 1’s non-biological kids don’t live in the house but in a shed in the backyard. Parent 2 also has biological and non-biological children but is not quite as abusive as P1: their non-biological children live in the house, but in the scullery. Parent 2 is unhappy about something (share of household responsibilities, income, that when it is their turn to do chores P1 makes the non-biological children do them whereas P2 does the chores themselves…) but deflects and starts complaining to Parent 1 about their child abuse. Parent 1 is all about “Parents’ rights” and wants to break up. Parent 2 wants to stay together at all costs, perhaps due to fear of opprobrium from their church or whatever. They have a big ole fight about it at the end of which they stay together and Parent 1’s non-biological children are brought into the scullery too. Parent 2 declares victory. Parent 2, now feeling obliged to do something about child abuse since they just went to war about it, nags P1 a bit, who promptly tells P2 to FO. So to mollify Parent 1, P2 also starts abusing all the non-biological children, their own as well as those of Parent 1, learning from Parent 1 and inventing new ways of abuse.

Why at the end of all this is Parent 1 still whining?

The fact that the rest of the nation was fertile ground for Jim Crow, housing and health segregation, voter suppression, criminal (as an adjective) justice, law enforcement racism, segregation-or-bust for public schooling … just goes to prove that for the North it was never about abolishing slavery.

I stop to miau to cats.

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