Yes, internal shunning and willingness to reject! As you know anti-Black racism is high in the Indian-American community (actually all Asians). I can’t shun all the racists, other than call them out when they pull their shit.

(I got fired, not for the callout itself, which was done by a white woman and an Indian-American woman, but for explaining to our manager why her decision to hire a white dude without following company Rooney Rule policy simply because he’d been offered a job by FB was perpetuating at the very least FB’s racism. We all saw White Fragility instantly metastasize into a non-White but White wannabe mind, because she started crying about being “called a racist”, that I made her feel “unsafe”, went to her manager and I was out. This was in the quarter after a high performance review and associated raise.)

Since I can’t shun them, I do “reverse shunning”, basically hesitating to associate in personal settings with Asian-Indians unless I have reason to believe they are not racists.

So it is possible for Karen-look-alikes to spread the message that behaving like a Karen is unacceptable, rather than leave all that work to Black folks, but it has a cost they are well aware of. This is a test of allyship.

I stop to miau to cats.

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