Yes, kudos to the Parkland survivors, Hogg, González and others, for continuing their activism and information campaigns. Other activists, politicians and the Parkland survivors have asked for Greene’s resignation and called on Republican leaders to impose consequences on Greene et al. Greene’s response to them on Twitter and in person has been horrific — hounding Hogg in public.

I guess my point is that asking for someone’s resignation assumes that they think their actions are wrong and have some conscience or remorse that wold lead them to do so. That is certainly not the case with this current crop of reactionary extremists in political position. So in what other circumstances have politicians resigned? Only when they’ve perceived their next electoral challenge as insurmountable, either due to their donors cutting them off, insider party pressure or due their constituents unsupporting them en masse. In this case, we can’t do anything about the donors or the Republican party, so I think the only path forward would be to attempt to appeal to their electoral supporters. In any case, even if Greene etc. were to resign, it won’t change the fundamental fact that they got voted in by a majority of voters in their district, and that to an unknown but large extent their voters support them. Reaching out to those voters may be the only hope.

As far as prosecution of Boebert (who publicised Nancy Pelosi’s location during the assault and occupation of the Capitol) et al, I’m not counting on it, not even charges will be brought, whether they stick or not. Note that prosecutors routinely charge Black people even with weak cases or lack of evidence, as a means of harassing them, keeping them in line, putting them on notice or demonstrating to the “general public” their attempt to do the right thing.

I stop to miau to cats.

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