Yes. No.

He’ll find someone considerably younger who will go for him and choose to have his second or third set of babies not because of his fitness or activity level or adventurousness or attractiveness or matching interests but because of a large economic power differential.

I don’t think (or feel) there is anything wrong with a large age difference (assuming both are past age of consent etc) but it is icky because of the rest of the asymmetry in the relationship and because of the asymmetry in how older men are lauded while older women are chastised. Furthermore, my guess is that older women love respect and cherish their younger lovers much more than older men do.

Great article! Kudos to you for all that you do, and for acting on the preferences you have. Sadly, I’ve known many very accomplished very fit very attractive women who out match their age group by decades but don’t find similar age companions and will not be seen in the company of younger men, partly because they fear the judgement that will be passed on them.

I stop to miau to cats.

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