You forgot or haven’t experienced

5. You are the go-away person for anything data, at a company whose core or foundation is not DS.

A. You are the bearer of bad news: the data and your analysis don’t validate the long held and long cherished thoughts (too much to call them hypotheses) of the HiPPO, “That’s because of noise, I’m sure there is signal there if you clean hard enough, in the meantime, let’s assume …”

B. They don’t understand what you do, leave alone how you do it and some are intimidated by that. Forget about understanding what you can do.

C. Marketing wants you to boil down what you do into three bullet points. Or “I want to say something about using AI and ML.”

D. The non technical PM thinks they understand numbers, so they don’t need your help in using the metrics you’ve generated in the database for display in the UI, and proceed to call them whatever word first occurs to them.

E. They project their not understanding DS onto the customer, which allows them to not spend any time understanding what you do.

I stop to miau to cats.

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