You know why you are getting so much hate, Trent? White Democrats don’t like it being pointed out that they were wrong, have been wrong since 1992, that they are part of the racist, misogynist, classist spectrum that the “Trump voters” are on. They don’t like being told that by a white man, nor by a Black Jewish woman, nor by an Indian man. The Democratic Party needs to disappear, until that happens these moderate, centrist, middle-of-the-road, gradualists who laughed at Occupy and who laughed at the Sanders supporters will remain incapable of thinking for themselves or thinking about others.

They are shocked, shocked, at the racism, misogyny and identity-based hatred that the “Election of Trump” has suddenly exposed. Where the fuck have they been the last 20+ years? Burning Man? Why have they not been standing up to be counted? Why have they not disowned their race?

In any case, they won’t be much affected by Trump’s presidency — sure, property values will go down, the stock market will go down before it soars back up, I don’t think Leani-inists are going to have their pussies grabbed more by any except the white men who have already been doing it to them.

But black kids being shot in the back, black and Hispanic men being jailed, black women losing their homes being unable to feed clothe or shelter their kids (while white parents worry and bleat and wring their hands about “what to tell their kids”), native americans getting a toxic pipeline built across and under their lands to protect white cities and feed the white resource habit, LGBTQ people being assaulted, poor people being attacked and their meager possessions destroyed (in that great bastion of liberalism, SF), more wars, trade pacts, worsening health care (as opposed to insurance), worsening education, immigrants being thrown back over the wall … all that and more went on under Obama’s watch and would have continued under Clinton’s.

Back to the Playa, liberal white people!

I stop to miau to cats.

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