You mean “white” Americans.

Black Americans, and other American POC, have always and continue to face the brunt of American fascism — Jim Crow, infiltration of Civil Rights movements (while the FBI and other State agencies continue to coddle the violent white supremacists), tear gas, attack dogs, water cannons, bullets, killing black citizens with impunity, state violence against NoDAPL, differential healthcare, differential education, low minimum wage and exceptions …

So by claiming that until now the US hasn’t been a fascist state, you help make a point that umair haque fails to make in the above article: people’s view of “normality in the past” itself is skewed. To use the analogy, the great mansion, house of refuge, was built on the backs of the uprooted original inhabitants and built on the backs of slave labor and has a whole army of oppressed classes maintaining it, and it is crumbling and parts are on fire, but to the majority of a certain class of people inhabiting it, the ones who have the luxury of attending the bonfire, everything is fine.

Not only are you extrapolating assuming “normality” in the future, your data and conclusion about normality in the past is WRONG. Not just your conclusions, mind you, your data itself is biased.

I stop to miau to cats.

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