Zero Tolerance? So the remaining OKC members are not racist?

OKC found only one racist among its members? That is hard to believe.

OKC’s own data and blogs verify what many POC have long known — there is a lot of racism in dating. There is nothing wrong with having preferences. There is nothing wrong with having racial preferences. But there is a difference between having not pursued a relationship with every individual member of a class that you have interacted with so far and filtering out all members of that class from your feed. That is racist. That is still okay for you to be that, and we are all better off knowing. What is not okay is lying about it: pretending to be “open to inter-racial” relationships (in responses to the questions) in order to appear cool and “post-racial” to members of your own race but actually behaving quite racially discriminatory (as measured by who you interact with and how you do so) in reality.

Surely this means that “racism” (and misogyny and religious discrimination) is a grey scale metric, for all genders and sexual orientations.

Then, how does this business of identifying a “racist” work? As a non-scalable, impossible to fairly apply, human-decision based process:

  • Is it based on other members writing in and complaining?
  • Is there a threshold for number of complaints? What if white racist (heterosexual) women (~53% of white women voted for Twump!) feel deprived of an opportunity to join in holy purpose with and breed brats for this bro — misguided though they may be in their assumption that he is only a racist and not a misogynist as well — and write-in asking for him to be re-instated?
  • Did it lead to an examination of Cantwell’s profile and finding something there?
  • Did it lead to a criminal background check (he did have outstanding warrants until he turned himself in)?
  • Were the member complaints based simply on the fact that this particular racist dude happens to be in the news and happens to have come to OKC members’ attention?

As an algorithmic process:

  • Has OKC developed a “racism” index? Is it binary or multivalued? If multi-valued, how do you pick a threshold (0.71 means you are a “racist” and we remove you, 0.69 means you are a-okay)?
  • Is this evaluated for every single member, based on their profile, responses and member complaints?
  • What about the hate and violence-spewing Nazis, Fascists, “alt-right” Christian white men showing up for pro-slavery rallies? What about the people who continue to support Twump and are racist by dint of being followers of a man who calls for race based discrimination and who has repeatedly espoused and glorified violence?
  • How about checking for some other discriminatory behavior, for example misogyny, which should be of concern to bi or heterosexual women members? Concretely, has OKC shut down the profile of the ex-Google coder dude-bro who wrote the whinyfesto claiming, essentially, that women are over-represented in software jobs?
  • And religious discrimination? Did OKC ever delete the idiot who posted “Are you a Muslim?”, for whom this was so important to know that they had to confirm it beyond the religion question in the profile? And the idiots who fell over themselves to answer “Are you a Christian?” and make it one of the most popular questions on OKC in spite of my explanation that I posted this question only in response to “Are you a Muslim?” and as part of a “Are you a …?” series with Hindu, Jew, Sikh, Animist, Wiccan, Blkrxian …?

OKC found only one racist among its members?


I stop to miau to cats.

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